CRS 4 Way Valve Features and Benefits:

  • High flow and pressure ratings assure low pressure drop and maximum performance
  • Solenoid indicating lights are standard providing easier trouble shooting
  • Plug in coils make replacing the coil a simple task
  • Wet armature solenoid design prolongs the valve life by cushioning the armature
  • Molded coils for maximum insulating properties, that are impervious to moisture and dirt “Din” coils are available
  • The wet armature design eliminates the push pin seal eliminating the possibility of that seal leaking
  • Tank pressure up to 2320 PSI
  • AC and DC coils are stocked and available for both the wiring box and the “Din” connector coils
  • A Bolt kit comes standard with each valve. The wiring box modules come with terminal strips

SINCE 1968

A lot of years have passed since we began servicing the hydraulic industry, and we’ve amassed an impressive amount of knowledge since that time.


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Our components are always engineered to your precise specifications, resulting in productive machine uptime and much longer meantime between failures.


CRS Service, Inc. has been a manufacturer and distributor of high quality replacement pumps and components for the global hydraulic industry since 1968.

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