Take care of your oil

If you want hydraulic pumps, motors and other hydraulic components to last a long time, make sure that your oil is clean. Hydraulic fluid contamination is the leading cause of machine failure and lost production. Contamination can be in the form of particulate, water or any other type of foreign matter. One of our filter carts will keep your hydraulic fluid free from damaging particles to dramatically improve the life of your hydraulic system.

SINCE 1968

A lot of years have passed since we began servicing the hydraulic industry, and we’ve amassed an impressive amount of knowledge since that time.


We maintain a huge inventory, and offer same-day shipping on in-stock orders up to 5:00 p.m. EST, with expedited delivery at no extra charge.

Highest Quality

Our components are always engineered to your precise specifications, resulting in productive machine uptime and much longer meantime between failures.


CRS Service, Inc. has been a manufacturer and distributor of high quality replacement pumps and components for the global hydraulic industry since 1968.

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